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Guilds and Groups (general)

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December All Guilds Meeting

Yesterday there has been the monthly All Guilds Meeting in Kirel.

Unfortunately the majority of the usual attendees seemed to be busy buying Christmas presents so this has been the shortest Meeting we have seen in 6 months (wow already 6 months since the first meeting!). It lasted only half an hour, we apologize to all of you who came and found Kirel already empty!

The chat log is here.

And this is the summary:

1_Guild of Messengers: The Guild is very happy for the success of their Go! Magazine. The article on their website has been read more than 500 times and on the day after release they had a sudden increase in the website traffic, by the end of the day they had a traffic of more than 1GB, that is more than two times the normal traffic on the website.
Rel.to development is still waiting to start because Leonardo is working on other projects.

2_The Great Tree Documentaries: Marten announced that the filming sessions will be announced this week.

I hope next time we'll have much more people coming with a lot of news for the community!

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November All Guilds Meeting Summary

Another AGM has passed and we are back here writing the summary :D

The ChatLog of the event can be found here.

Summary Read more

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November All Guilds Meeting

Once again it is time to organize the All Guilds Meeting for this month!

As you can find from our Calendar, each month the Uru Community organizes a Guilds and Groups Fair in Kirel, to get all the active groups of Uru together and talk, update on the News, etc.

The most active moment in the Fair is the All Guilds Meeting, when we gather in the Auditorium in Kirel to let the representants of the various groups talk about their group and take questions.

This time the organization for the Meeting will be a bit more difficult due to the changes in the timezones in the world, so pay attention to the hours specified here if you want to attend the meeting!

This is the logic you have to use to correctly find when is the meeting, having the past meetings as a reference:

  • for everyone in America and in places where they are still using Daylight Saving Time, the time of the meeting won't change
  • The time will change only for those living in Europe and other places where they already switched to standard time settings (i.e.: no longer in Daylight Saving Time) and it will be one hour earlier than usual.

Where: Kirel (link from the Nexus)

Date: November Saturday 6th


KITime: 12.00 (noon)
US Pacific Time: 12.00 (noon)
US MountainTime: 13.00
CentralEurope: 20.00

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October All Guilds Meeting

The All Guilds Meeting of this month has passes and we are here again to write a summary for all those people who could not attend yesterday in Kirel.

The Chat Log of the meeting is available here.

And here is the summary:

Branan (aka Paladinofkaos): Branan updated us on his PlasmaClient Project, that is an alternate Client for MOUL servers (replaces Uruexplorer.exe). The project has a new website at http://rel.to/plasmaclient where you can find all the information and source code for it. Now, there is also a Windows installer, so windows users don't need to compile the source anymore if they want to try the new Client. Plasma Client is still in development (pre-alpha stage) and many things don't work yet but the very basic functions are there.

Guild of Writers: The main efforts of the Guild are now pointed to the Deep Island Shard (as announced in September, it is an alternate server to play Uru with the Fan Ages) and to PlasmaClient. On the Drizzle side: recently a new package appeared on the UAM called "Network Access", it is used for enabling or disabling the abilities of the Ages to connect to the Internet and download content (text for journals usually). As we are now used with the GoW, there is a little drama going on about this, with people arguing the fact that it's secure or not to allow Ages to connect to the Internet. Right now, due to this fight, it's not possible to install the "enabled" version of Network Access with the UAM but only the "disabled". Read more

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September All Guilds Meeting Summary

Last Saturday, as all first saturdays of each month, there has been the Guilds Fair in Kirel and once again there have been a lor of attendees to the All Guilds Meeting at 13.00 KiTime! Read more

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